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APO Compounds EP-11

APO Compounds EP-11 is a naturally derived compound. Products of this nature can be seen to be effective in changing mass body composition. With an increase of strength and power more muscle tissue can be obtained leading to an increase in overall size.


  • Mass Body Composition
  • Increasing strength and power can lead to fast results
  • Improving recovery time leads to more frequent training
  • More Frequent training can lead to the improvement of muscle growth will improve appearance of muscle mass

Directions of Use

Dosage – take 2.3ml twice a day, taken 8 hours apart.

Stacking Options = Stack with 20-e to create the MASS STACK!

To Activate the SMEDDS, mix the recommended dose by stirring vigorously, shaking or blending in water, juice or any liquid. (liquid only, not the capsules).

Standard Cycle Time of the APO Products is 8-12 weeks. Generally a PCT is not needed although if suppression is felt the APO PCT products can be used. Alternating between a good natural test booster while not on the APO can be seen as the fastest way to build good consistent results.