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Core Nutritionals

Core Nutritionals PRO

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Core Nutritionals PRO

Core Nutritionals PRO has hit the mark for providing you with a high quality protein with flavours that go unmatched. Lets face it, How good a protein tastes has become a large part of the decision when shopping for proteins but we dont want to be let down when it comes to quality. With Core Nutritionals PRO you can have gourmet tasting protein with the quality to match. Being a sustained release protein with a full transparency label filled with only the highest quality of ingredients, you will be able to sleep peacefully at night getting in your 25g of protein. To make this protein even better, the team have added in DigeSEB being a digestive enzyme blend to help break down and digest the protein. Making sure our body is able to utilize every last bit of this protein and to avoid any bloating that may come with consuming whey based proteins.

With Flavours such as Frosted Vanilla Cupcake, Blueberry Muffin and Vanilla Toffe Gaintime to name a few. You can easily see why the team at Core Nutritionals have made a name for themselves with this protein when it comes to standout-delicious flavours. Getting in your daily intake of protein has never been easier with the help of Core Nutritionals PRO.

Key Ingredients of Core Nutritionals PRO

Whey Protein Isolate being one of the highest quality forms of protein and digests the easiest since it is such a refined form of whey protein without any extra creamers, fillers, etc.

DigeSEB is a trademarked ingredient being a digestive enzyme blend. This is commonly added into protein blends to aid in the digestion of protein to help with absorption and to avoid any discomfort that may come from consuming whey based products.

Main Benefits of Core Nutritionals PRO

  • Increase daily intake of protein
  • Aid in recovery
  • Assist with building muscle tissue
  • Preserve muscle tissue during dieting phases
  • Tastes absolutely amazing

Directions of Use

Mix one Scoop of Core Nutritionals PRO with 300-400ml of cold water or milk and consume when needed. Being first thing in the morning, after training or even throughout the day in between meals to increase your daily protein intake. You can also mix in Core Nutritionals PRO in you morning smoothie, oats or even cream of rice. Try Core Nutritionals PRO from Power Supps today!