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Faction Labs

Faction Labs Attention

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Faction Labs Attention

If clean, natural energy and laser-sharp focus sounds good to you, feast your eyes and mind on Attention from Faction Labs. This product is a brand-new nootropic blend which is taking the supplement market by storm as it contains one of the most comprehensive formulas we have ever seen from a product of its kind. Faction Labs have included all the big hitters when it comes to maximising focus such as tyrosine, Alpha GPC, l-theanine and Huperzine A. With all these ingredients, you may think there is no way this stuff tastes any good but that is where you are mistaken. Attention comes in a range of amazing flavours such as Peach Mango, Orange Passionfruit and Strawberry Melon so you can rest assured knowing it will taste and perform amazingly. It does not matter if you are heading into the gym or the boardroom, Attention from Faction Labs will give you the edge you need!

Key Ingredients

Alpha-GPC is an exciting ingredient that is becoming very popular for intra-workout formulas. Alpha-GPC is a nootropic which means it will help promote better focus and concentration during your session so that your mind is getting as much out of the session as your body is. Nootropics are also useful when studying or working to increase concentration and productivity.


  • Can be taken on training days or rest days for epic concentration
  • Available in 2 delicious flavours
  • Contains a huge 3.5g of active ingredients in each and every serve
  • Clean energy coming from green coffee bean extract
  • Can be used when hitting the gym or the books

Directions of Use

Mix 1 serving (8g) of Faction Labs Attention with 500ml of cold water and consume prior to your desired activity. On a training day, consume Attention around 20-30 minutes prior to exercise and on a rest day, consume Attention first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.