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Fantom Sports

Fantom Sports Fat Burner Capsules

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Fantom Sports Burner

Fantom Sports Burner is a multi-angle approach to weight management. Weight loss or changing the body composition must be approached from different angles for it to be effective. Increased metabolic function, thermogenesis, insulin sensitivity and appetite reduction are key factors in achieving the desired results.

Key Ingredients

Caffeine is the key ingredient in most energy formulas as it provides the up and go most supplement users are looking for. Caffeine is easily absorbed by the body and acts fast to make exercise or daily activities more enjoyable.

Walnut Extract is a stimulant based ingredient that has longer lasting effects than its brother caffeine. It is used in supplements to increase output for longer periods of time.


  • Fast acting to provide the necessary up and go for those early morning or afternoon sessions after a long day at work
  • Weight loss management ingredients to aid in curbing those hunger cravings.
  • Tunnel vision with the ability to stay on track with the task at hand
  • Improve the bodies ability to transport stored bodyfat to be used as fuel.

Directions of Use

Take 1-2 caps per day. If you are sensitive to caffeine start on 1 capsule at a time. Experienced caffeine users can take 2 caps per serve. Use this product in conjunction with a balanced diet and plenty of water.