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Fantom Sports

Fantom Sports Turkesterone

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Fantom Sports Turkesterone 500mg

Turkesterone is the next big thing to hit the Australian supplement market after receiving a huge amount of attention online, especially in the United States. Turkesterone is what is known as an ecdysteroid which are found naturally in plants and insects and play an important structural and functional role for both. Studies on Turkesterone are slowly being carried out and there are already some promising results which suggest that it may have positive effects for strength, muscle growth, muscle protein synthesis and even fat loss. With all of these great effects, Turkesterone is a no brainer for anyone trying to maximise their body composition. You may have heard of 20-E from the team at APO Compounds, well this ingredient is very similar and can have some similar anabolic effects! Some of our customers have even started stacking the 2 compounds together and have been getting some impressive results.

Key Ingredients

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (Standardised to 10% Turkesterone) is an ecdysteroid which are hormones that are found in plants, insects and arthropods. In insects they help drive key processes involved in survival and in plants they assist with structure building and keeping predators away. Ecdysteroids are now being researched heavily with their potential to assist with muscle growth and effects on metabolism. Do not settle for an inferior type of Turkesterone!!

Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Complex is an important part of this product to consider as this will essentially help pull more nutrients (The Turk) through the stomach lining more effeciently.

Does Turkesterone Work?

Turkesterone is still fairly new so there is a limited research on this ingredient but with that said, some studies have been conducted. To the amazement of the researchers, Turkesterone outperformed all of the synthetic anabolic compounds when it comes to producing anabolic effects. It is important to remember that this data cannot be directly extrapolated to humans however the results are certainly very promising considering this is a plant compound! One study that was on humans found Turkesterone supplementation to be equivalent to 2.5-5mg of anavar (which is another anabolic compound) and at this stage, experts believe that these results can be achieved whilst being devoid of side effects that are normally associated with anabolic agents. This is encouraging for people looking to optimise their results without the host of side effects. These results are very promising and as Turkesterone grows in exposure and popularity, there is no doubting that more and more studies will become available.


  • Appears to be anabolic and promote muscle growth
  • Assists with lipid and carbohydrate metabolism which can aid fat loss
  • Human studies suggest it has some promising potential for athletes
  • Naturally derived from plants or insects
  • Can help increase strength and muscle protein synthesis

Directions of Use

Consume 1-2 capsules per day (500-1000mg per day) depending on the desired goal. If consuming twice per day, split the dosage up by 8 hours. Turkesterone is said to not affect natural testosterone production however if you are experiencing any negative side effects whatsoever, please seek advice from a healthcare professional. Look to stack Turkesterone with APO Compounds 20-e for even further results!