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JD Nutraceuticals

JDN 100% Clean Carbs

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JD Nutraceuticals Clean Carbs

Gaining weight does not have to be done through dirty bulking and sloppy cheat meals when you have products like JD Nutraceuticals Clean Carbs. This product contains a blend of four different carbohydrate sources including sweet potato, rice starch, highly branched cyclic dextrin and maltodextrin, giving it a unique balance between fast and slow digesting carbs. This means you can use Clean Carbs whether you are trying to top up glycogen stores quickly or fill yourself up in preparation for an athletic event. Clean Carbs can be easily added to any protein shake and mixes up perfectly so you will not even taste it. If you want quality mass gain, you need to keep your diet tidy and you can do that with JD Nutraceuticals Clean Carbs.

Key Ingredients

Maltodextrin is a fast-absorbing source of carbohydrates that is highly regarded for athletic performance. Complex carbohydrates are ideal for prolonged energy, however for exercise performance, we want our carbs to digest well and absorb quickly so that we can use those precious nutrients as soon as possible.


  • Mixes and dissolves perfectly for easy digestion and fast absorption

  • Perfect for anyone looking for sustained energy during long training sessions

  • Can be added to protein shakes or smoothies to boost the calorie content

  • Contains added chromium picolinate to improve insulin response on consumption

  • Ideal carbohydrate source when you are looking to quickly refill glycogen stores

Directions of Use


Mix 2 scoops (40g) of JD Nutraceuticals Clean Carbs with your during/after-gym shake and consume. This product can be used before, during or after exercise or alternatively can be used any time throughout the day to boost carbohydrate intake at any meal. This product pairs wonderfully with other JDN products such as Amino Build, Creatine Monohydrate and L-glutamine.