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JD Nutraceuticals

JDN 100% WPI

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JD Nutraceuticals 100% WPI

If you want to keep calories as low as possible, but you still want to enjoy a delicious whey protein shake, look no further than JD Nutraceuticals 100% WPI. This really is one of the cleanest WPIs on the market, containing less than 1g of carbs or fats in each serving whilst still boasting a whopping 30g of high-quality protein. WPIs generally stay a little bit waterier and lighter when you mix them up, so if you want a protein shake that will go down very easily, digest well and taste amazing, this is the one for you. JD Nutraceuticals 100% WPI comes in four delicious flavours, including a limited-edition Gingerbread flavour! Support your gains without drinking all your carbs and fats with JD Nutraceuticals 100% WPI today.

Key Ingredients

Whey Protein Isolate is the purest form of whey and the primary ingredient in JD Nutraceuticals 100% WPI. Each serving provides 30 grams of rapidly digesting whey protein with low levels of fat, cholesterol, lactose and other stuff you can do without. Good things take time, but when it comes to protein digestion and absorption, efficiency is our friend.


  • Superior digestion and absorption compared to a whey blend

  • Protein can keep you fuller for longer and prevent snacking

  • WPIs mix up much thinner and lighter and are generally easier on the stomach

  • One of the cleanest, lowest calorie proteins on the market

  • Available in 6 unbelievable flavours

Directions of Use


Mix 1 scoop (33g) of JD Nutraceuticals 100% WPI with 250-400ml of water or milk depending on your preference for consistency and taste. This is an extremely versatile product, so if you are looking to change things up, add a scoop into a smoothie, a bowl of cereal or mix into a bowl of warm oats.