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ATP Science

ATP Science Gutright Daily

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ATP Science Gutright Daily

Gut health is becoming more and more important as science discovers more about this phenomenon every year and if you are looking to get your gut right, then look no further than Gutright Daily from ATP Science. This differs from the original by substituting a few ingredients so it can be consumed as a daily product and not a short-term detox style product. This revolutionary product contains modbiotics which are naturally occurring chemicals that are found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and spices. Unfortunately, our modern-aged diet has led to humans consuming much lower amounts of modbiotics than we need for a healthy gut. That is where Gutright comes in. The formula in this product contains an abundance of modbiotics that are found in the skins, peels and seeds of the fruits and vegetables that we normally consume which helps to boost the number of modbiotics in our gut. If you want to elevate how you feel and function, start by getting your Gutright!

Key Ingredients

Ceylon Cinnamon Bark can be used for a multitude of reasons and possesses some significant health benefits. It can assist with lower blood glucose and improving how glucose is used in the cell for energy production. This variant of cinnamon is also a better option when used in supplements as it has a lower coumarin content.

Nutmeg is a commonly used spice in cooking but also can have positive health benefits for our bodies. It has been known to benefit libido, nervous system function, digestive system function and blood circulation.

Key Benefits

  • Provides the body with an array of micronutrients that are commonly under consumed

  • Improves the state of the microbiome in the gut which is very important for overall health

  • Can help reduce inflammation and improve immune system function

  • Beneficial for managing blood glucose levels especially for those on high-carbohydrate diets

Directions of Use


Kick start the effectiveness of this product by taking 1 flat scoop (5g) of Gutright, three times daily mixed in with honey alongside meals and do this for 10 days. After this, take 1 flat scoop daily with water, juice, honey or mixed in with any beverage/meal. This product is unflavoured and will contain the taste of the ingredients in their raw for, therefore if your tastebuds are sensitive, consider trying the flavoured version, Gutright Daily.