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ATP Science ARES

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ATP Science Ares

If you are looking for a support formula that can help you feel your best in the gym and in everyday life, Alpha Mars by ATP Science is the product you have been waiting for. This product contains ingredients that may assist both men and women by boosting libido, reducing stress and generally maintaining sexual health and function. Ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris and Panax Ginseng can support testosterone synthesis which is important for maintaining energy levels, exercise performance and general mood especially in older men. For females, the benefits include maintaining a healthy hormonal balance and reducing the symptoms of menopause. A lot of people tend to lack the some “oomph” as they get older, but if you are not ready to let it go just yet, try out Alpha Mars for yourself.

Key Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris is a herb that has long been used for its benefits relating to male health. It has been shown to be a potent libido enhancer whilst also showing benefits for general cardiovascular and urogenital health. It can also have testosterone boosting effects which is beneficial for those looking to gain muscle, gain strength and improve exercise performance.


  • ATP Science pride themselves on being backed by science and research

  • Available in easy-to-take capsules for your convenience

  • Suitable for men and women depending on what you are trying to achieve

  • Panax Ginseng has been shown to have positive effects on mood

  • Testosterone is crucial for building muscle and gaining strength

Directions of Use


Take 1-2 capsules of Ares, twice daily with food. This product can be used alongside a variety of ATP Science products including Vital Food, Resilience and Adrenal RX. It is important to seek medical advice if your negative symptoms do not subside after taking this product consistently.