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Cyborg Sport

Cyborg Sport Collagen PRO.

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Cyborg Sport Collagen Pro

Cyborg Sport Collagen Pro is an innovative form of protein made from HCP (Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides) which means you can get high-quality protein whilst avoiding whey altogether. Collagen Pro contains no fat, dairy or carbohydrate content and is extremely easy to digest making it gentle on the gut, making it beneficial for people who may have had issues digesting whey or other types of protein in the past. The mixability of collagen protein has allowed Cyborg to create fruit flavoured options that taste like juice or cordial which is also a nice change from the thicker, milkier proteins you may be used to. There is no need to compromise on quality either with each scoop boasting 25g of protein per serve. Give the stomach a break and give Cyborg Sport Collagen Pro a go!

Key Ingredients

Collagen Protein is derived from the tissue of ligaments and tendons and is a great alternative to traditional whey protein. Collagen is a very important protein in the human body as it is used to support tendons, ligaments and muscles and is therefore crucial for proper function.


  • Helps increase overall protein intake which is vital for building muscle and aiding recovery

  • Protein digests slowly in the body so it can keep you fuller for longer to prevent snacking

  • Contains no whey products so this product is perfect for people who are lactose intolerant

  • Uses only natural colours and flavours

Directions of Use


Mix 1 scoop (28g) of Cyborg Sport Collagen Pro with 250-350ml of cold water and consume any time throughout the day. If using a fruit flavour, stir rather than shake to avoid foaming but chocolate flavours can be shaken. Allow the drink to sit for a few minutes until it settles and dissolves fully before consuming.