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EHP Labs

EHP Labs Aqua Collagen

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Aqua Collagen is a new drink from EHP labs containing all the right ingredients to help you stay hydrated and support your overall health. Many people fail to reach their recommended water and protein intake but this can be made easy by supplementing with Aqua Collagen Protein + Hydration.

  • Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen - the collagen is broken down, making it easier to absorb.
  • 1000mg of coconut water for hydration
  • 20g protein per serve
  • Dairy & Gluten FREE
  • Promotes healthy gut, skin, nails & hair
  • Improves performance & recovery
  • Increase joint, muscle and bone strength

Aqua Collagen is a refreshing, fruity drink containing hydrolyzed bovine collagen and coconut water to help boost your body's overall production of collagen. Your body's ability to produce collagen reduces as you age. By supplementing your body with Aqua Collagen, the structure and function of your guts, joints, ligaments, tendons and skin will enhance. This product can be taken as a post-workout refresher or at any time of the day if you're in the need of some hydration and protein.

Consuming enough protein can also be a challenge that many individuals face. Aqua Collagen contains 20g of protein per serving, making it a light and refreshing way to consume more protein.

Available in 3 fruity flavours - Fijian Pineapple, Raspberry Refresh & Watermelon Wow. You're bound to find a flavour to quench your thirst!