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EHP Labs

EHP Labs Pride Pre-Workout

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EHPLabs Pride Pre-Workout

There is a new king in the jungle, EHPLabs Pride is here to take over the before-gym formula battle. EHPLabs have been without a product like this for some time but they have clearly been hard at work and have now released a brand new formula which is set to blow away the competition. Often before-gym formulas can be strong in some categories but weak in others, but Pride is one of the most well-rounded products you will find on the market. If you take one look at the stunning ingredient panel, you will see that Pride has no weak points and is bound to leave you with epic focus, skin splitting pumps and awesome energy. If you are trying to have sessions worthy of a lion, you cannot be having supplements made for sheep, get hold of Pride by EHPLabs today and experience the roar for yourself.

Key Ingredients

Caffeine is the key ingredient in most pre-workout formulas as it provides a boost of energy and also enhances focus. Caffeine is easily absorbed by the body and acts fast to get you ready for your session in no time at all. More does not necessarily mean better, so EHPLabs has crafted this formula without needing to throw in copious amounts of caffeine whilst still producing an amazing product.


  • New and improved formula from EHPLabs
  • Available in 3 amazingly refreshing flavours
  • Contains a 5 stage caffeine release for long-lasting energy
  • Loaded with nootropics for laser-sharp focus
  • Packed with vasodilators to maximise muscle pumps for every session

Directions of Use

Mix 1 scoop of EHPLabs Pride Pre-Workout with 250-300mls of cold water, 15-30 minutes prior to physical training.