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International Protein

International Protein Extreme Carbs 1.8kg

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International Protein Extreme Carbs

Carbs are normally given a pretty bad wrap, but they can be very useful if you know how to use them and that is where International Protein Extreme Carbs come in. Whether you are looking to increase the calorie content of your meals or add something to your EAA to help with sustained energy, this product will be ideal. International Protein took things a step further with this carb powder by adding Promilin which is an ingredient that aims to enhance the insulin response in the body and thereby increase glucose uptake into skeletal muscle. Extreme Carbs are naturally flavoured so they will mix easily into any beverage, making it perfect for adding to EAAs, BCAAs or a protein shake. Make carbs your best friend by getting hold of International Protein Extreme Carbs today.

Key Ingredients

Promilin is a patented ingredient that is designed to improve glucose uptake into skeletal muscle by improving the insulin response in the body. This is favourable for athletes in particular as more glucose being shuttled towards skeletal muscle will be better for replenishing glycogen stores.


  • Can be added to any beverage as a way of increasing the overall calorie content
  • Great mixability and easy digestion means this product can be used during training sessions
  • Unflavoured so that you can mix this product with absolutely anything
  • Replenishing glycogen stores is important for maximising recovery and performance
  • Perfect for endurance training or high intensity training

Directions of Use

Mix 1 serve (80g) of International Protein Extreme Carbs with any beverage and consume when desired. This product can be consumed during a workout alongside products like Complete Aminos. This product can also be combined with Amino Charged WPI or Protein Synergy and consumed any time during the day.