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Merica Labs


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Merica Labz presents its much anticipated F-Bomb pre workout. This super high stimulant pre workout will leave you pumped and ready for any workout.

F-Bomb's formula is designed with high powered ingredients like Fitnox® to provide unstoppable energy and maximum pumps. With 500mg of caffeine per serving, you can power through intense workouts and achieve your goals faster. The unique formula helps promote focus and increases vascularity for accelerated performance. You won't be disappointed with this supplement as it will give you the energy to power through your workouts like a machine and build that dream body you've always wanted too.

  • High stimulant pre workout
  • Intense energy and focus
  • Maximise athletic performance
  • 500mg of caffeine

Available in 4 delicious flavours: F Your Feelings | Upside Down Pineapple | Cat Scratch Fever | Fruit Cocktail



Scientifically shown to increase nitric oxide levels up to 336% percent therefore improving endurance by minimizing fatigue factors.