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Inspired Nutraceuticals

Inspired DVST8 BBD

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Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 BDD

This product is not for the faint hearted, and that is exactly what Inspired Nutraceuticals had in mind when they formulated it! Presenting.... Big Black DVST8. This pre-gym formula is one of the most potent blends on the market and is sure to give you the kick that you are looking for before your next session. On the surface level, you will see that BDD is packed with a good amount of caffeine which is great, but you can also see that it boasts other stimulants such as English Walnut and Teacrine which takes this product to a whole new level. If your last pre-gym product just did not cut the mustard, get ready to go black and never go back with BDD from Inspired Nutraceuticals.

Key Ingredients

Caffeine is the key ingredient in most pre-workout formulas as it provides a boost of energy and also enhances focus. Caffeine is easily absorbed by the body and acts fast to get you ready for your session in no time at all. More does not necessarily mean better, so Inspired Nutraceuticals has crafted this formula without needing to throw in copious amounts of caffeine whilst still producing an amazing product.</p>


  • Available in plenty of delicious flavours
  • Boosted with tyrosine to support laser sharp focus
  • Clinical dosages of citrulline malate and beta alanine
  • A great option for those looking to improve their training performance
  • High stimulant formula for those who love their caffeine

Directions of Use

Mix 1 scoop (14.8g) of Inspired Nutraceuticals BDD with 400mls of cold water, 15-30 minutes prior to physical training. If you prefer a sweeter tasting beverage, use less water however if you find the taste too strong, this product can be diluted by adding more fluid. This is a high stimulant product that is only recommended for experienced supplement users.